Instructions for filling out the questionnaire

For questions relating to “foot problems“ (e.g. pain of foot) a scale is available in the form of a line with a slider or marker. Please mark the appropriate point on the line with the slider, which describes best your personal situation at the above mentioned period. At the very left side of the line is the most negative value, at the very right the most positive.

This is an example for an answer of the question "How are you today?" as shown:

V.bad |───────||────| Excellent, v.well

The answer at the marker on the line means in this example that you feel today "well", however not "very well".

Please answer the questions only negatively when the foot problems are really responsible for your limitation relating to a certain activity.

Example: You would answer the question about foot problems when running with “running not possible” because you do not have the necessary stamina for running. What we mean is that you could run in principle without foot problems or, whether your foot problems – like pain – make running impossible.

You do not have to answer each question! Answer only the questions which you would like and which you have understood! Move the slider all the way to the left for a “non-answer”.

V.Bad ||────────────| Excellent, V.Well

Please use the field “additions/characteristics/remarks“ for suggestions for improvement and/or criticism.

Explanation of some terms:

  • Physical rest: This means that you do not do arduous things, i.e. you are reading a paper, lying on the sofa or in bed, watching television etc.
  • Physical stress: This means that you perform physical activities, i.e. arduous garden work, occupational work, sport etc.
  • Housework: Everyday activities like cleaning windows, ironing, dusting, washing up, cooking etc..
  • Activities of daily life: Personal activities such as getting out of bed, eating, washing yourself, getting dressed, tying your shoes etc.. The answer to this question should not refer to activities which are already mentioned in another place of the questionnaire (e.g. standing, bending forward, stretching etc.)!
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