Why Rohit Madhav?

I have a profound interest in orthopaedics, especially the foot and ankle. I have a deep and sympathetic understanding of the complexity of ailments and injuries, along with their effects at different ages that may lead to loss of work, independence, leisure and sports pursuits. I have amassed considerable knowledge, experience and technical ability with various orthopaedic conditions and their respective surgical and non-surgical modern treatment options. I am able to provide focused treatment for foot, ankle and lower limb conditions that’s tailored to the personal and medical needs of my patients. I enjoy the diagnostic process, listening to patients, establishing a good rapport, and discussing all available options, whilst overseeing their clinical treatment from the very first consultation through to final recovery. I am a highly experienced foot and ankle surgeon who has also worked with many professional and amateur athletes and dancers. I am with major insurers.

What We Do

Every year many, many trips are made to foot specialists in London due to foot, toe and ankle problems – whether that be through age, accidents or athletics! Many of these visits are due to ankle sprains and strains and the more serious injury of ankle fractures. To add to this, physicians receive an enormous amount of enquiries about bunions/bunionettes, achilles tendons, shin splints and many other complaints. We feel it’s imperative you take great care of your feet and legs and encourage you to make an appointment with one of our consultants if you have any concerns.

Did You Know?

  • Walking puts a strain of one and a half times your body weight on the feet
  • The average person logs about 1000 miles per year walking distance
  • Our feet cushion up to a 1,000,000 pounds of pressure during 1 hr of exertion such as exercising

How Do The Foot and Ankle Work?

Each foot has 28 bones and 35 joints. The ankle bone (talus) plus the ends of the two lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) form the ankle joint, which is stabilised and supported by 3 ligament groups. Tendons and muscles operate the ankle and foot.

Do I Need Ankle or Foot Surgery?

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in your lower extremities, you may be wondering if you need ankle and foot surgery. Well, the first step is to contact the us so we can provide a consultation. We will then assess your condition and provide you with tailored treatment options, which, depending on your ailment, may or may not include a surgical procedure. To discuss your needs with a respected foot and ankle specialist, call Rohit Madhav’s orthopaedic team in London today on 0207 112 82600207 112 8260 or click here to email. Photography by Andrew Little