Patient Testimonials

  • He was very helpful about the operation & agreed to do it. My foot was starting to show further signs of needing attention with an operation. He was always very clear and provided advice from the consultation about caring for my foot while i was on the waiting list.
  • Chose Mr Rohit Madhav on recommendation, and have been impressed by the way he has explained the procedure, the risks and the recovery time.
  • Very clear and reassuring. I am an NHS patient and was offered this operation through the Covid arrangements. Throughout my initial consultation and hospital attendance Mr Madhav provided me with excellent care and attention. Thank you.
  • He was excellent. Mr Madhav made me feel relaxed and reassured me I was in good hands.
  • I was a little anxious with having general anaesthetic. The Consultant after talking to me put me at complete ease.
  • Delightful.
  • Good man explained everything clearly.
  • Excellent care. Thoughtful in arranging early treatment.
  • Rohit is the 'go to' specialist for lower limb issues. His clinical anatomical knowledge and supreme diagnostic ability has enabled me to develop more targeted, specific, bespoke exercise programs and manual therapy approaches for patient rehabilitation. Rohit has operated successfully on patients when it has been necessary. Rohit’s post surgical referrals present with tidy, minimally invasive and successful surgical procedures and his rehabilitation guidelines for these patients are clear and concise.

    AJ – Peer
  • Expert in his field, skilled surgeon who evaluates all the options. Recommend him without any reservations.

    JP – Peer
  • I have referred to and received referrals from Mr Madhav. His patients have always said he is very approachable and considerate. He has continually welcomed input from all healthcare professionals involved in the care of his patients and this approach ensures his patients have the best overall care. He always recommends surgery as a last resort and when it is required his techniques and skills are first-rate.

    JT – Peer
  • If I hadn’t visited the Bowskill Clinic before Tor des Geants, the biggest race in my running career so far, I would surely not have been able to complete it.

    As an athlete, I can be quite stubborn when it comes to injuries, and I had convinced myself that my lingering ankle injury wasn’t that serious. Jon and his team knew better and sent me for an MRI, which revealed a much worse prognosis than I was expecting.

    Other physiotherapists would probably have told me to drop out of the race, but the Bowskill team knew how important it was to me and they did everything possible to find a solution, leaving no stone unturned.

    Jon called in the advice of trusted specialists Mr Rohit Madhav foot and ankle surgeon and Dr Simon Blease MSK radiologist for second and third opinions on my MRI. Dr Blease performed a dynamic ultrasound to assess for my ankle stability and Jay analyzed my gait using the latest VICON technology.

    Andrew then put together a comprehensive rehab plan to give me the best chance of recovery. They truly worked with me and were available throughout my rehab process up until race day, despite me being located outside of the UK.

    I ended up competing and placing second in one of the toughest ultra marathons in the world. I wouldn't have even made it to the start line without the Bowskill Clinic."

    Stephanie Case is the President and Founder of a charity called Free to Run, which provides sports opportunities to women and girls who have been affected by conflict, including in Afghanistan and those who are living as refugees in Hong Kong. To find out more, visit their website

  • Mr Madhav has been superb throughout and made my operation and recovery so straightforward and effective.

  • Dear Rohit, Thank you for doing such a brilliant job on my foot! I really appreciate it! Thanks, N.

  • My heels were giving me a lot of pain, after professional, polite, incredible treatment from Mr Madhav, my feet are perfect again. A true miracle. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Madhav to anybody that needs this non-invasive medical help.

  • Btw, you can tell Dr Madhav that I successfully completed the Ironman I was training for (which included a full marathon) – no pain in the foot at all so I think we can confirm that his intervention has worked very well as one year ago I was struggling to just walk w/o pain!!

    Female Patient – Minimally invasive bunion correction October 15
  • Excellent. Dealt with my anxiety in a very kind, caring and informative manner. Debbie also fantastic – very helpful.

  • Dear Rohit, I am writing to you to thank you very much for talking on our postgraduate course at Stanmore on 4th May 2016. Your lecture was excellent and much appreciated by the members of the audience and we were most grateful to you.

  • Mr Rohit Madhav was excellent. He had a wonderful combination of professionalism, and a warm and kind manner. He was quick in his assessment, and fast with follow up. It was a great relief for me to be in his capable care – and I would not hesitate to go back to Mr Madhav.

  • “I have known Rohit for many years and taught on many trauma courses with him. Apart from being highly personable he has a wonderful sense of humor and great skills. When another orthopaedic surgeon achieved less than sub optimal results on a family member Rohit achieved the impossible by revising the surgery to produce a pain free functional foot. Even his juniors reassured us that “The Boss” knew what he was doing and so it was true.”

  • “Rohit performed two complex surgical procedures on both my feet in 2010 and 2011, these were to correct deformities caused by Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.

    Having had a large amount of surgery in the past Rohit took a very considered and cautious approach to what was achievable.

    The results are brilliant and I’m now walking pain free the first time in a number of years. As a result number of my friends and colleagues have noticed the improvement in my walking and stance.

    I would highly recommend Rohit for any foot and ankle surgery.”

    AL, Theatre OPD
  • “Mr Madhav was my clinical and educational supervisor whilst I was a junior doctor at University College Hospital London. He was an excellent mentor and was always keen to give me professional advice. He was very approachable and always happy to help with any problems I had.

    From a clinical perspective, I was able to witness him in action both at the patient bed side and in the operating theatre. His skills and knowledge of orthopaedic surgery, particularly of the lower limb, is world class. His bed side manner is admirable and he always puts his patients’ best interests first. I learnt a lot from Mr Madhav and would have no hesitation about recommending his skills to anyone who required orthopaedic expertise.”

    Dr BE
  • “Rohit has treated & operated on many members of my family, myself & my patients. I have personally found him to be an accomplished, knowledgeable surgeon who caring, empathic & tailors treatment to the individual. All feedback I have received about him has been positive & complimentary with highly satisfied patients. He is a dedicated & conscientious clinician who regularly goes beyond the call of duty. I frequently seek advice on numerous topics and always get excellent guidance. He outstanding doctor to whom I would give the highest recommendation, both as a clinician & a colleague.”

    Dr DP, GP
  • “Would you kindly let Mr Madhav know that I played by first game of netball in over 11 months last night and all seems fine with my Achilles – at last!”

    C C-S. Patient
  • “I wish to thank you for the excellent service and care I have received from you.”

    HS Patient
  • “Hello Debbie,
    You may remember that Mr Madhav operated on my feet in January 2011. I just thought he might like to know that last Saturday at 8am I set out to walk from London to Brighton in aid of Asthma UK. I arrived at Brighton Racecourse at 11am on Sunday, exactly 27 hours after starting. The mud in the Weald was terrible, but the rest of the route was good and my feet were fantastic – no pain at all, the only minor issues being that one toenail is thinking of coming off and I have one blister on the side of my left foot that I didn’t even notice till I got home.

    I think this is an advert for Mr Madhav’s work! My feet felt so well-balanced and comfortable – I know I could not have done it with the old feet.”

    JT Patient
  • “A note of thanks to Dr Madhav and his assistant, Debbie Harrington, for their exceptional level of care when I attended the clinic on Thursday, 12 April. I am a Australian, living in Spain, who visited London for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment. When I attended the clinic, I was in considerable pain with a condition not related to the one about which I was consulting Dr Madhav. Debbie’s compassion, empathy and assistance were extraordinary. Dr Madhav liaised with the General Practitioner I had seen in London the previous week and arranged an appointment later in the day so that I could obtain relief from the pain I was in. Overall, a very caring experience. With regard to the medical condition for which I sought treatment, it is impressive that the imaging treatment is within one street and the inserts I was required to purchase for my shoes were within one block – I was not required to run all around London. Also, I am incredibly impressed that all my medical appointments in London ran on time. Thank you.”

    RC Patient
  • “Thought Mr. Madhav would like to know I completed my first ever marathon last Sunday in 4hrs 50 mins. It was an incredible day with perfect weather conditions. The memory will stay with me forever.

    I took Mr. Madhav’s advice, went back to Asics trainers, did lots of core training, swimming, cycling and running on an outdoor track for my long runs.

    Could you also pass on the message to Dr Petrie De Villiers who treated me some years ago for my frozen shoulder and was so incredibly sympathetic when the scan showed some nasty stress fractures!!”

    JG Patient
  • “Just wanted to let you know I managed to walk the 5k Race for Life up and down hills at Trent Hill on Sunday and my bunion and foot were fine! That’s as well as walking another mile or so for the tube and back. I only had a very slight soreness for a few hours under the nerve part. Please thank Mr Madhav once again as he’s done a wonderful job!”

    SS Patient